True Blood Season 2 Score Soundtrack CD

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1. Vampire Love (3:56)
2. Unpacking Gran (2:09)
3. Ride And Slash (2:53)
4. The Proposal (4:08)
5. Sookie Dreams (3:19)
6. House Party (2:16)
7. Ericís Grief / The Bleeds (3:54)
8. Eric The Viking (1:22)
9. Hoyt And Jessica (3:04)
10. Sam Visits (1:52)
11. Pray With Me (2:18)
12. Familyís Gone (2:39)
13. Goodbye Godric (4:50)

A Note From The Creator

Nate never ceases to amaze me with his gorgeous score for True Blood. The intricate ways in which he intertwines motifs for characters and relationships, the way he marries themes of suspense and dread to deeply heartfelt romantic yearning ó itís magical. And the sheer amount of music he writes for each episode is astounding! I cannot imagine True Blood without Nateís score, which has become a character in its own right.

ó Alan Ball

A Note From The Composer

Season Two of True Blood is completely insane in the very best of ways. Whether itís blackeyed orgies, cannibalism, or an oversize pig, all roads lead back to Maryann! And if we learn anything at all, we learn that with a Maenad on the loose, absolutely anything is possible. Musically, a detuned, plucked Psaltery seemed to me just the thing for Maryann, coupled with some slippery gourd cello lines and my own wailing vocals to top it off. In addition to the bizarre, Season Two also introduces us to Samís tragic past, to a growing bond between Sookie and Eric, to Ericís maker Godric, and to Billís maker Lorena, all of which provided for wonderful musical explorations. As always, my experience working with Alan Ball and his creative team has been a blessing, and as I near completion on Season Three, I keep wondering when Iím going to wake up from this beautiful dream! Enjoy Ö

ó Nathan Barr
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