True Blood Forsaken Roller Ball Duo

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  • Includes: Two 33 fl. oz. Forsaken Eau de Parfum Roll Ons
  • Made In: U.S.A.
The scent that emanates from your neck makes you tantalizingly irresistible to creatures of the night. It could be the blood coursing through your veins beckoning to the vampires, or it could be the dark fruity notes of True Blood Forsaken. You’ll be bite worthy every time you roll on this scent inspired by True Blood. Top notes highlight dark blackberry, anjou pear, and blood orange, leaving mid notes of night blooming jasmine, sheer violet and black plum. The experience ends on scents of ebony wood, amber crystals, patchouli, and vanilla. The roll on duo is perfect for keeping in your make up bag and smelling hauntingly delicious no matter where you are.
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