Sansa Stark

"I am stronger within the walls of Winterfell"... In the few short years since Sansa Stark left those walls for King's Landing, her will to live has been tested more times than most. She narrowly escaped a terrible wedding to Joffrey Baratheon only to be wed to a bigger monster. She watched her father Ned's beheading, learned of the deaths of her mother Catelyn and brother Robb, and lost her beloved direwolf Lady and sister Arya. She's been accused of treason, murder and made her fair share of deadly escapes. Sansa might have started out as a wide-eyed, naïve maiden of Winterfell, but she's grown into a strong, shrewd fighter who is ready to reclaim what was taken from her. Throw your support behind the brave Lady Stark of the North with official Game of Thrones T-shirts, figurines and House Stark merchandise. She was married to both Tyrion Lannister and Ramsay Bolton, but she'll always be a Stark. Winter is Coming, but with Sansa at Winterfell, we're ready to brave the storm.