Season 5 Premieres on Sunday, April 12th
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House Targaryen’s symbol represents Fire and Blood. Declare your allegiance in the Game of Thrones and shop House Targaryen merchandise featuring the beautiful sigil of a three headed dragon.

    • Game of Thrones Targaryen Men's T-Shirt
    • Game of Thrones Targaryen Men's T-Shirt
    • Pledge your allegiance to House Targaryen of King's Landing by increasing your collection of Game of Thrones shirts. This navy-blue Targaryen shirt is made of cotton and showcases an illustration of a three-headed dragon and the representative "Fire and Blood" quote on the front side. Wear… [ read more ]
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    • $17.99
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    • Game of Thrones Dragon Coin Set
    • Game of Thrones Dragon Coin Set
    • Thrones and wars may be the currency of power, but they’d be impossible without some serious coinage. Get the Game of Throes Dragon Coin Set and show that you’re such a serious fan of Game of Thrones that you could easily integrate into the world of George R. R. Martin. The set of Three… [ read more ]
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