Girls Paying Jobs Women's T-Shirt
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Girls Paying Jobs Women's T-Shirt

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  • Color: Light Green
  • Fit: Slim fit. We recommend ordering 1 -2 sizes up.
  • Gender: Women's
  • Made Of: 100% Cotton
If we’ve learned anything from Hannah it’s that it’s best to just get all your baggage out in the open. Not that things necessarily work out because of it, but it’s a way of moving forward. Get the Girls Paying Jobs Women’s T-Shirt and reveal your littlest baggage, that you’re unfit for any and all paying jobs. The flattering green cotton tee features an excerpt from Hannah’s little rant, “My littlest baggage is probably that I am unfit for any and all paying jobs. My medium baggage is that I bought four cupcakes and ate one in your bathroom just now. And my biggest baggage would be my HPV.” Wear this shirt and show that you’re a serious fan of Girls, and be thankful that your medium and biggest baggage don’t match up with Hannah’s as well.
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