Game Of Thrones Sword of Rob Stark
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Game Of Thrones Sword of Rob Stark

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  • Dimensions: 41" including handle
  • Made Of: Latex
The people of northern Westeros have always been a practical lot. In the cold North, anything that doesn’t serve its purpose is a danger to survival. As such, weapons from the North tend to have a simple design but a deadly edge. The Sword of Robb Stark, Lord of Winterfell and King in the North, is a perfect example. Rather plain looking for a king, it is nonetheless the sword that Robb Stark built his kingship with.

Whether you are a Stark loyalist or belong to one of the other houses, anyone can now carry this sword into battle for their Lord or Lady. Made of high quality latex, the Sword of Robb Stark is lightweight but strong, able to withstand the elements and harsh treatment during LARP battles.
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