Game Of Thrones Ice: The Sword of Eddard Stark
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Game Of Thrones Ice: The Sword of Eddard Stark

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  • Dimensions: 57 1/2" including handle
  • Made Of: Latex
The Sword of Eddard Stark, named Ice, is a massive two-handed sword made of Valyrian Steel. Forged with magic, Valyrian steel is stronger, lighter, and sharper than any other metal known to man. After the Doom of Valyria hundreds of years ago, the knowledge of making the steel was lost to the world; however, a few swords still remain.

Ice is one of those great blades, and it has been passed down through the Stark family for generations. Although not forged from ancient magic and steel, our officially licensed latex version of Ice is a masterpiece in itself. Light but strong, our top quality latex sword will make you a force to fear on any LARP battlefield.
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