Game of Thrones Faceless Man Coin
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Game of Thrones Faceless Man Coin

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  • Ages: 14+
  • Dimensions: 1 inch diameter
  • Made Of: Pure metallugical Grade iron
Valar Morghulis. The words have stuck with you since Arya’s last encounter with Jaqen H’ghar. Along with these words that translate to “all men must die” Arya was given a coin, this coin. The Game of Thrones Faceless Man Coin perfectly resembles the one in Arya’s possession. Get this iron coin with the hooded faceless man image and show you’re a true fan of Game of Thrones.

Extended History:
Iron coin of the Faceless Man
Pure metallurgical Grade iron
Black finish
~5.6 grammes weight
Hooded Faceless Man image on obverse
Enciphered inscription on reverse
~26mm diameter
This coin features importantly in author George R.R. Martin's novels, where it turns out to have extraordinary significance for young Arya Stark! This piece weighs about 5.6 grams of .9998 pure iron, and is about 26mm in diameter. The obverse features the shadowy form of the Faceless Man... representing a guild of assassins who will take on any job, for the right price, and who have the ability to change their faces at will. The reverse features the cryptic inscription VALAR DOHAERIS, VALAR MORGULIS... along with an encipherment of that message in the entwined capital letters VDVM. It is undated (like most ancient coins) but is thought to have been struck in Valyria sometime in the first century after Aegon. (about 200 years ago as we enter the story)
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