Game of Thrones Westeros & Essos Map Framed Print [22x30]

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  • Dimensions: 22 x 30 inches
  • Includes: Plastic sleeve with a hook for hanging
  • Made Of: Plexiglass Glazing, Wood Frame

The old world look of the Westeros & Essos Map Framed Print is perfect for any Game of Thrones collector. Showing the area from the Ice Wall to the Highgarden in Westeros, and east to cover Pentos to Qarth in Essos, you can make a land grab with this beautiful print!

  • Artwork is drymounted to foamboard, ensuring a long life and quality presentation.
  • Plexiglass glazing.
  • Back of frame has dust cover to prevent intrusion of potentially damaging moisture or particles.
  • Includes matte, black wood frame, and hanging hardware.

**Item is shipped with protective cardboard corners in place and securely boxed in a heavy duty carton.

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